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Pivotal Health is a company built by physicians, technologists, and other medical professionals who saw a dire need to advance care. With a mission to improve—and save—lives, we partner with other professionals in our field to provide the tools and services necessary to achieve this goal. We want to help you help your patients and be a valuable partner for you, helping you provide excellent care within an often stressed and burdened health care system.



Extend your practice instead of overextending yourself.

We are a health technology company empowering physicians and their patients to stop life-threatening chronic diseases by preventing them from forming in the first place, or working to reverse them. Our PivotScore tool extends the influence of care from your medical practice to your patients’ hands, provoking them to make health-critical lifestyle changes. They get the personal data they need to see their futures, and alter the path they are on. Their PivotScore is comprised of unique blood panels, demographics, and their medical data, and endures a rigorous validation process, so it’s unique to them, and precisely accurate. By improving their evidenced-based PivotScore, people can make choices to improve their score, their health, and ultimately, their life.


Credible. Transparent. Accurate.

In order to provide real value to our physician partners we operate on the principles of full transparency, integrity, and professionalism, setting the bar to the highest standards of service and quality. We ensure our lab work, blood panels, and other data points are tested and validated for precise accuracy so the information you receive in a patient’s PivotScore is relevant, reliable and actionable.


What’s in it for you?

We understand how busy doctors are and we would never waste your time. Our physician partners truly view us as partners and we work together to find innovative ways to not only extend your practice, but also create new opportunities, giving you the bandwidth to provide the best care possible to all of your patients.


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