With limited time and access to resources, information, and sometimes even your doctor, it’s almost impossible to navigate the health system on your own, and it can be frustrating, time consuming, and tedious. Pivotal Health takes all your confusing health data and information and distills it down to one PivotScore.




As a patient, sometimes it’s difficult to be patient.

Your journey is challenging enough without having to wade through medical records and test results and try to decipher what it all means. This, in fact, is your doctor’s job. And while they may be an expert at interpreting your health data, we make it easier for them to have that discussion with you. Think of us as an additional tool physicians can use to complement their care—one that enables them to more efficiently provide clear and actionable recommendations to patients.


Your data stays private. It’s only for you and your physician.

We take patient privacy very seriously and we never share or sell your personal information. Your PivotScore is strictly between you and your doctor for the purpose of getting healthier.

Your PivotScore: What it looks like, how it works.

Your physician has your personal health data. Everything from your age and gender to your blood panels, and other test results and information in your medical records.

We pull all of that data into a PivotScore that is backed by science and put through a rigorous validation process to ensure the utmost accuracy.

Your score is a number that can change, based on the variables and how they change. So you and your physician can track your progress over time and prevent or reverse many chronic illnesses and the conditions that lead to them.

Our ultimate hope for you is that we can minimize the need for medications and you can begin, or get back to, healthy eating and exercise practices, and go on to live a long and vibrant life.


Are you ready to Pivot?

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