We believe diseases are not death sentences.

If you can see your future, you can also change it. No matter the path you’re on, there’s always another one. The only thing that seals your fate is you. And YOU are the most important thing we believe in. We believe in technology and science because we believe in you. We believe in actionable data because we believe in you. We believe in giving you the information you need to change your behaviors because we believe in you. You are not your illness. You are you. And we want to help you be a better you.


We are Pivotal Health.
We believe in you because we believe in healthy lives for all.


Our Pivoters


From a business perspective, we’re forging successful partnerships with providers. Together, we’re tackling not only the most deadly, but some of the most costly diseases in the country. Prevention goes a long way in reducing the cost of healthcare.

Michael Stevens
CEO and Co-Founder


Given that an astounding 80% of heart disease is preventable and, thus, avoidable, I embrace a clarion call to harness patient data and leverage software technology to positively impact and, hopefully, mitigate and avert chronic diseases and improve patients’ lives.

Siva Mohan
MD, FACC, Interventional Cardiologist, President, Chief Medical Officer and Co-Founder

"We’re creating modern ways to relate to patients, and have them engage. It’s exciting to be able to offer these solutions and have a positive impact.

Sarah Knight
CPA, MT, Chief Financial Officer