We provoke critical lifestyle changes for people who want to take control of their future health. It’s time to Pivot.

Pivotal Health gathers your personal health information including blood work, and other data in your electronic medical record, and consolidates it into your PivotScore —a simple number you can understand and act on. 


We give you the technology to see your future self, and the motivation to change your path.

Your PivotScore is a highly accurate prediction of how likely you are to develop some of the most common and deadly diseases. Heart Disease. Diabetes. Stroke. These national epidemics are preventable and reversible. With your PivotScore you compete against yourself to increase your score, improve your health, and save your life.


The power is in your hands.

Your PivotScore will be accessible on your laptop or smartphone, so the critical health information you need is literally in your hands and at your fingertips. With daily lifestyle changes you will see your score rise and your health improve, giving you the encouragement to keep improving and stay on the path to a healthier future.


*PivotScore is currently in development


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